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Clean up your dog’s coat at All Dogs Grooming Honolulu in Hawaii. With a friendly environment, our well-equipped facility is just the place to receive quality dog grooming services for your pet. We offer various services to meet their specific needs.

Appreciated Experience

Working with dogs is in our blood. Our owner, Melissa, has a long history working with furry friends. Starting as a kennel assistant bathing dogs in a veterinary office, she is now a licensed veterinary technician. She served as a grooming assistant to an experienced dog groomer in California, and now she has opened her own place, where she continues growing in her passion for providing exceptional dog grooming.

Melissa has been working with dogs since she was very young. Her career started as a kennel assistant in a veterinary office, where her duties included bathing the boarding dogs before going home. She worked her way up to licensed veterinary technician. When she moved to Hawaii she worked at a local groom shop where she decided to open her own shop, All Dogs Grooming Honolulu LLC.

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Man’s best friend is even more enjoyable after our dog grooming services. Contact All Dogs Grooming Honolulu today to schedule an appointment or walk right in for a fresh nail trim in Honolulu County! Same-day appointments are available.

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Compassionate Care

At All Dogs Grooming Honolulu, we welcome dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Our salon is designed with all types in mind, and no dog is too big or small for us to care for. Let us know ahead of time, and we can accommodate special needs. We’ll be extra careful and loving to your precious one, making them look their best.

Specialized Services 

Our selection of various dog grooming packages covers all your needs at affordable prices. From shampooing to haircuts and medicated baths, we offer all the essential services, plus special treatments, with no need for add-ons. Central air conditioning is always running to keep everyone comfortable. You’ll also notice various specials throughout the year. Come to us for more than your average dog bath.

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Personable Dog Grooming Services in Honolulu

Give your dog some extra loving by bringing him or her into All Dogs Grooming Honolulu in Hawaii. We provide quarters for the metered parking outside. Call or text (808) 799-0988 with questions about our deluxe services or to book a slot for your dog with us. We look forward to spending time with your pup!

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